Our Mission

In partnership with home and community, the Holt Public Schools will provide quality comprehensive, high-quality educational experiences to develop college and career-ready students. We will know we are accomplishing this mission when:

  • Students demonstrate literacy in all academic pursuits.
  • Students demonstrate proficiency concerning district curriculum.
  • Students demonstrate collaborative skills including listening to understand, asking appropriate questions, and having strategies to persevere when encountering obstacles.
  • Students demonstrate understanding of the curriculum through productive thinking, problem solving, and application.
  • Students apply technology to access, evaluate, organize, and use information to create knowledge.
  • Students demonstrate empathy for the experiences of self and others.
  • Students demonstrate a strong sense of social justice.
  • Students demonstrate cultural competency.
  • Students demonstrate an appreciation of democratice institutions and processes.

Holt Public Schools has established the following four goals to assist in carrying out its mission:

  1. Holt Public Schools teachers will effectively teach, measure, and continuously improve instruction aligned to state standards for increased student achievement and college and career readiness.
  2. Holt Public Schools will build and maintain partnerships of integrity and trust with the Holt Community.
  3. The Holt Public Schools financial status will be strong and viable to support student learning.
  4. Holt Public Schools will create and sustain a learning environment that understands, respects and celebrates diversity.