Phone: 517-694-0625

Fax:     517-694-2325

Mr. Nathan Rowen, Transportation Supervisor


Mrs. Donna Schultz, Administrative Assistant



Viewing Bus Info within Family Access


Late Start Time Differential




PD Wednesday times


Secondary (7-12) - please have your student check with his or her driver for pick-up times.


Elementary (5-6) drop-off times run two (2) hours and fifteen (15) minutes earlier.


Elementary (K-4) drop-off times run one (1) hour and forty-five (45) minutes earlier.


Drop-off times are an estimate only. Transportation suggests someone be available when school gets out. If your student is in Kindergarten, we will not drop the student without seeing an adult unless the parent calls the Transportation office with explicit directions.


Skylert messages from the Transportation Department only go to the primary phone number listed in the student’s records.


Lost and found items are held at the garage for the school year and then donated to Goodwill.


Tag along program is a way of assisting our students that live outside the school boundary and need assistance with transportation.  It is done with an application, which is filled on a first-come, first-served basis and must be renewed yearly. Students will be assigned to an existing stop; it is the parent's responsibility to get students to and from stop. Transportation can be rescinded at any point in the school year if the bus capacity is over legally rated limits.